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Our main activity is related to the Insurance world. We are both professionals in the field; Mark is an agent of Insurance, Fabio an Insurance Broker. It should be stressed that Roc Bike Tours has regularly entered into an insurance policy that pays the Professional Liability coverage for their guides.

We clearly care about the issue, we try to sensitize our biker offering insurance packages for operating the excursion dedicated individuals and groups proposing the following guarantees apply worldwide:

  • Liability for damage to third parties € 500 000, found 10% minimum 250 €.
  • Liability for damage to third parties € 50 000, found 10% minimum 250 €
  • subscriptions Refund, lessons, rentals of sports equipment was unavailable through injury strong> € 1000
  • Search handling, rescue and recovery € 25 000
  • Emergency Medical Expenses € 1500
  • escort during hospitalization, full medical repatriation costs, full cost of return travel companions, full legal protection costs € 1500